Business Customers

If you are a business customer, Scottish Gas can provide you with a dedicated energy system designed to help your business run more smoothly.

Options for Scottish Gas business customers include the following.

Free Quote

Business customers can receive a dedicated quote tailored to their needs on gas, electricity, dual-fuel and multi-site services, completely free of charge.


Scottish Gas offers businesses an exclusive broker service, including comprehensive sales support for tender enquiries and tailored products and services. This helps them to see exactly when and how energy is being used within the business and develop energy management strategies for their customers as well as themselves.

Renewable Energies

As a business, you’ll be eligible to access Scottish Gas’ many sustainable schemes to help you begin to generate your own energy. Not only does this mean reduced cost for you; it also lowers your carbon emissions, helping the environment and may even help you earn as you save. Methods of producing renewable energy include solar panelling; biomass systems and Feed-In tariffs.


Look after your business boiler with the Scottish Gas boiler maintenance & repair plan. This entitles you to free emergency breakdown repairs with parts and labour included, and a choice of flexible plans to suit your full system or specific appliances. Helpful for those winter mornings when the boiler won’t work.

Gas Safety Checks

Scottish Gas can provide you with regular safety checks to ensure that your working environment is safe for staff and compliant with national standards. Both gas and electrical safety servicing are available for your individual peace of mind.

Meter reading

If your business has an energy meter, submitting a meter reading for your gas or electricity has never been easier. You can now do it online, which means it can be done quicker and you can get back to the important stuff- running your business.

Building energy management systems

Having a smarter building to house your business in can save you money. Looking after the design, manufacture and installation of the building’s energy systems can help you reduce your energy consumption overall. Scottish Gas has an award winning design that can be managed in a way that suits you. They will make sure that your building’s system is running at maximum efficiency and restore underperforming systems- reducing energy consumption by around 10%.  Scottish Gas can help your business reduce energy waste, meet green targets and cut costs for your business’  long term future.

Not sure which service is right for you?

Scottish Gas knows that choosing your business’ energy tariff can be difficult. That’s why they have created the Business Advisor tool, which will help you find the right mix of products and services for your business needs. Simply go online, enter your company name and email address followed by some simple details about your business such as the area of business that you in, the floor area of your business and which type of services you believe you will require, and Scottish Gas will find something that is right for you.