Energy Saving Products

There are many things you can do in your home to save energy. Scottish Gas offers a variety of energy-saving products and services to give you more control over the energy you use.


The Scottish Gas EnergySmart feature can be added onto any existing gas or electricity tariff (apart from WebSaver tariffs and the Standard Pay As You Go Energy tariff). It allows customers to track their energy through simple online graphs and tools that can be viewed from any laptop, smartphone or tablet.
It also provides an easy way for you to submit monthly meter readings so your bills are based on actual readings rather than estimates, saving you money.

Free Insulation

Scottish Gas offers free loft and cavity wall insulation to homes that are in need as recognised by government. Up to a third of heat in many homes is lost through the roof, and loft insulation is effective at reducing this for at least 40 years. To find out if your home is eligible for free or subsidised insulation, click here.

Hive Active Heating

A Hive Active Heating device can help you save money on your bills by tracking the energy you use and intuitively predicting your heating habits and needs. The smart thermostat and Hive mobile app works seamlessly with your existing central heating system to provide effortless efficiency in your home.

Electric Vehicle Services

Scottish Gas helps electric vehicle users to make the most of their transport by offering special tariffs specifically designed to meet their needs. It also provides free home charging packs under the government’s subsidised funding scheme, as well as a country-wide network of free public charging points.

Solar Panelling

Solar panel installations not only allow you to save money by generating your own energy; it may enable you to be paid for every kilowatt hour you generate and put back into the national grid. The amount you receive will depend on the Energy Performance Certificate rating your home receives. Call Scottish Gas Customer Service to find out more.

Smart Meters

Take more control over your energy usage with a smart meter upgrade, which can be installed with any existing tariff to replace your current gas and electricity meters. Smart meters will let you know how much gas and electricity your home or business is using and how much it is costing you, in pounds and pence.
Readings are also automatically submitted to British/Scottish Gas every day for a more accurate monthly bill, saving you money.

Green Deal

The Scottish Gas customer Green Deal involves an assessment of your home to identify any potential improvements that will help it to conserve and use energy more effectively. You will then be issued with a Green Deal Advice Report and an Energy Performance Certificate which you can use..
A qualified Green Deal installer will be assigned to make any necessary changes in your home and a tailored Green Deal Plan will form the basis of your repayment plan. Call Scottish Customer Service to find out more.