How can my Scottish Gas bill be paid?

  • You can pay your Scottish Gas bill online by creating an online customer account on the British Gas website. Once logged in, simply go to ‘Payment Details’ and then to ‘Confirm Payment’. Complete the card security check and your payment will be processed.
  • You can also pay your bill over the phone via credit or debit card, or arrange a payment via your Internet Banking account. Alternatively, you can pay manually at a Post Office or PayPoint outlet.
  • The easiest way to pay is to set up a direct debit with Scottish Gas to ensure all of your monthly payments are made on time.

What if I am moving house?

  • The first thing you need to do if you are moving home is to inform Scottish Gas of your plans. You can do this online via your Scottish Gas account, or simply call Scottish Gas Customer Service.
  • If you want Scottish Gas to move your energy supply and HomeCare cover to your new address, you will need to supply them with your new address, dates of your move, your Customer or HomeCare cover membership number, and a contact telephone number to reach you on. Your transfer should happen immediately if Scottish Gas is already the resident provider for the new address; otherwise it will take between 6-8 weeks.
  • You will need to keep your direct debit active so that Scottish Gas can take any payments owed after the move. Any money owed to you will be automatically refunded into your account.
  • Any Nectar card points you have will be transferred over to your new account when you have become a customer at the new address.

What is Pay As You Go energy and how does it work?

  • A Pay As You Go energy meter allows you to pay for your energy before you use it by completing a simple top-up process. This ensures you do not use more energy than you need and that you only pay for what you use.
  • You can top up your meter by using your top-up card or key, which can be credited from your credit or debit card. Alternatively you can also use the Home Energy Top Up pack, which enables you to top up via your computer at home.
  • Each Pay As You Go meter has a £5 allowance of emergency credit, should you ever accidentally run over. You can check your weekly recovery rate on your meter by inserting your key and pressing the blue button to move through screens. Screen S will show your balance; Screen T will show your weekly recovery rate. If your balance is zero, then all debt has been paid.

How can I take and submit a meter reading?

  • How your meter reading is read will depend on what type of meter you have, such as digital metric; imperial; dial; single rate or two rate. For a full breakdown of the types of meters and how to read them, click here.
  • Your meter reading can be submitted online via your Scottish Gas online account, or over the phone by calling Scottish Gas Customer Service. You can also submit by SMS text message or through the British Gas mobile app.
  • You can send a meter reading at any time, but if you receive a quarterly bill, then you should submit a reading on a quarterly basis to avoid being charged for more than you owe. If you cannot submit a reading for whatever reason, Scottish Gas will estimate your bill based on past usage, past readings and the time of year.

What is covered by the Scottish Gas HomeCare package?

  • There are various Scottish Gas HomeCare packages to suit your needs and budget, ranging from HomeCare 100 to HomeCare 400. If your needs happen to change partway through your HomeCare contract, you can review and change your package at any time. See a full breakdown of HomeCare packages here.
  • If Scottish Gas installs your boiler, you will receive a year’s free HomeCare cover, during which any callouts will not be taken into account. However, your renewal price 2 years after your initial cover started will reflect the number of callouts over those 2 years.
  • For ways to keep the cost of your HomeCare package down, speak to your engineer during your Annual Service visit, or call the Scottish Gas HomeCare contact number.

How do I book an engineer for a breakdown?

  • If you’re not covered by HomeCare, simply call the Scottish Gas contact number to request an engineer and receive a fixed-price quote. You can also book an appointment online via your online customer account.
  • If you, a family member or neighbour is in danger; suspect a gas leak or there is smoke coming from an electrical appliance, it is important to call 999 and then call the Scottish Gas emergency number.
  • Once booked, you can track your engineer appointment online by visiting the ‘Your Accounts’ area of the Scottish Gas website. You are also free to change the time or date of your appointment at any time by calling Scottish Gas or via your online account.