Hive Active Heating

What Is Hive Active Heating?

Hive Active Heating is a smart thermostat that helps Scottish Gas customers monitor their energy usage in the home and save money on their bills. It also enables them to control their home heating from wherever they are using the Hive mobile app that can be accessed from any smartphone, laptop or tablet wherever you are.

As well as the thermostat itself, Hive customers will receive a wireless receiver and hub that helps Hive become attuned to their existing central heating system in their home. There is no need to switch energy supplier, and the device can be swiftly installed by a Scottish Gas engineer in around 90 minutes at a time that suits you. They will also have access to full technical support as they learn to set up, adapt to and use their Hive thermostat via an online account and the Hive mobile app.

Benefits of Hive Active Heating

There are several benefits to having Hive Active Heating in your home. These include:

•    Boosting your hot water when you need to
•    Receiving alerts when your home reaches a certain temperature
•    Preventing pipes freezing with Active Frost Protection
•    Saving up to £150 a year on your energy bill by only heating your home when you feel that you need to
•    Adjusting your home’s temperature and switching heating on and off when you’re away from home

How Do I Get Hive Active Heating In My Home?

In order to have Hive Active Heating installed in your home, you must already have a gas central heating system, along with a boiler that is in full working order. You will also need an existing Broadband connection with a spare Ethernet port connection, and ideally an extra power socket that is close to your Broadband router in order for the Hive system to work to the best of its ability.

To purchase Hive Active Heating or hear more information, call Scottish Gas Customer Service.